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Ellie Mitchell
Ellie has a passion for photography and teaching those to build confidence in their work.

With a BA (Hons) in Fashion Photography and a career touring the world photographing and creating content for bands and artists, she comes with lots of experience that can help take your work to the next level all whilst building your confidence.

She also loves bad jokes, puns and dogs.

Upcoming Dates hosted by Ellie Mitchell
Saturday the 22nd of May 2021
Beginners Guide to Photography Class - Nottingham - 9 am - 2 hours
The aim of this class is to build your confidence and understanding when it comes to photography.

Understanding all of the settings can be a but daunting at the beginning but I'm here to help you gain that confidence to be shooting on manual by the time the class finishes.

This class will help you shoot on manual and understand the freedom that comes with that and how it impacts the photos you are able to create.

Everyone has to start somewhere and I've been where you are so don't worry, let's work together.
Instructor: Ellie Mitchell
£28pp     only 2 places left - requires 4 bookings to proceed
Sunday the 30th of May 2021
Portrait Photography - Set Building for your Portrait Shoots - Nottingham - 10 am - 2 hours
If you've ever wanted to create a set on a budget and make your portrait photos more interesting then this is a great class for you.

Take your portrait photos and make them more personal and fun by creating the perfect set to compliment what you're trying to achieve.

You don't need a fancy set up or location to create some beautiful photos!

This will be a great course to continue building your confidence directing your subject.
Instructor: Ellie Mitchell
£28pp     only 3 places left - requires 4 bookings to proceed
Sunday the 30th of May 2021
Introduction to Portrait Photography - Nottingham - 1pm - 2 hours
This class will be a great introduction for learning to work with and photograph people.

You will come away learning:
- To feel comfortable directing your model
- Knowing which things to look out for with wardrobe styling that can impact your overall photos
- Knowing what to look for in locations and how to use them to your advantage
- Improving the composition of your portrait photos to take them up a notch
- Most importantly how to have fun and not stress on shoots when you're working with another person
- How to work with another person safely during a pandemic
Instructor: Ellie Mitchell
£28pp     only 2 places left - requires 4 bookings to proceed
Sunday the 13th of June 2021
Introduction to Studio Photography - Long Eaton, Nottingham - 10am - 3 hours
This class will be your introduction on all things studio photography.
Things covered will be:
- How to set up studios and the equipment safely
- Learning what the difference in light modifiers mean for your photos
- Learning what the purpose of studio equipment such as polyboards and reflectors are so you can translate them into your work
- You will learn what it's like to shoot tethered and how to adjust your lighting as you go

This class will start from the basics and we will work our way to the more complex light set ups as your confidence grows.
There's no ego in the studio, only learning and growth.
Instructor: Ellie Mitchell
£65pp     only 5 places left - requires 4 bookings to proceed
Michael Rowlands
Michael is a Professional Editorial, Portrait and PR photographer covering Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire.

Interested in interesting things and interesting people. Lover of Cream teas and peaceful sunny afternoons.

Also loves great photographs fully of authenticity.

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Ali Noaman
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